Message From Steve

Hi All,

Hope everyone has celebrated well through Christmas and New Years and once again wish you all a successful, happy and healthy 2018.

To the playing group, our pre season will commence Monday 22nd January 6.15pm at Mentone Grammar School.

We need to hit the ground prepared to ramp up our training therefore I hope all players are maintaining fitness and strength programs.

Some key milestones to remember :

1. Jan 22nd pre season commences 2. February 23rd -25th Shoreham pre season camp. 3. March 4th first practice match vs West Brunswick AFC 4. March 17th second practice match vs Marcellin AFC 5. March 25th third practice match vs Old Hailebury AFC 6. Round 1 - April 7th vs Fitzroy.

So plenty of work ahead of us and as discussed previously "EXCUSES DOES NOT PROVIDE RESULTS".

Therefore with a couple weeks before we start get together in some groups and motivate each other to be fitter, stronger and prepared.